The supply chain gets smarter Autonomous supply chains at the nexus of IoT, AI, and blockchain - Oziris - Intelligent - Secure

The first point to bear in mind before attempting to embark on any ‘more sophisticated’ autonomous supply
chain endeavour, is that modern supply ecosystems need to run on a ‘digital backbone’ that enables all these
other technological advances to bear fruit. Unless you have a fully-connected digital supply chain network in
the first place, then it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to realise the benefits that an infusion of IoT, AI, and
blockchain promises to bring.
However, once that foundation is in place, whilst each of the three technologies this paper looks at (i.e. IoT, AI,
and blockchain) can add value to supply chain management in isolation; it’s in combination that they present
the opportunity to be deployed in some well-defined use case scenarios in order to deliver a smarter, more
intelligent, more autonomous supply chain operation – especially as supply chains evolve into networks and
ecosystems; and with expectations of achieving efficiency gains whilst delivering more highly granular services
at scale (and autonomously).