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SaaS - Traceability and anti-counterfeit

Beston Technologies is committed to improving the global competitiveness of Australia's premium food, beverage and wine industries.

Our platform enables consumers and resellers to conveniently purchase, track, trace and authenticate products using our patent pending/trademarked technologies. We respond to genuine cultural beliefs and practices.

The platform includes additional modules for package verification in recycling ecommerce, business reporting and analytics, customer-facing apps and supply chain authentication devices.


Beston Technologies have created an innovative Provenance + Track + Trace + Verification solution; in a response to export buyer’s needs. Retailers sought verification that labelled dairy, wine, fish, meats they were buying - were “True to Origin”, healthy-unadulterated and could support being “green and sustainably sourced” .


A lot of the products purchased by consumers in offshore markets are Fakes; reputable brand labels are being copied- replaced, goods substituted or adulterated; and the products sold as originals. Financial margins are pocketed by counterfeiters. Damage from consumer deaths and injury, legal claims, lost revenue - time and market share, now mean Retailers and Consumers want to know specific Provenance of traceable goods.


Beston Technologies have developed a Phone App accessed - food fraud authentication software platform - to meet this Supply-chain challenge. This Cloud based platform is now available under license for more general use by other Australian Food, Beverage and Agribusiness growers and retailers. Users can start with the Provenance module , and then add extra verification (invisible barcodes), add logistic tracking – trace, dashboard summaries, heat maps, consumer engagement, SAP integration, analytics, and integration with value adding API’s.


Base Module: OZIRIS™ is our mobile-based consumer app for food traceability. It has been developed for Android and iOS, hosted on Azure and is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

Oziris™ enables Producers to enter Provenance data into it, using an easy-to-use Wizard, and consumers to scan and trace products back to the source. It utilises QR codes, digitising data captured compliant with GS1 Australia formats (EPCIS, Digital Link). Unique Digital IDs are created at individual Item level (SKU), &/or by batch / lot Supplementary use of RFID tags, temperature sensors for cool store transport available.

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