Food and Agribusiness A Roadmap for unlocking value‑adding growth opportunities for Australia - Oziris - Intelligent - Secure

The food and agribusiness (F&A) sector is a vital contributor to the
Australian economy and presents a key source of growth for the
nation over the coming decades. This growth cannot be sustained
through productivity improvements alone.

Businesses of tomorrow must unlock greater value from
Australia’s resources through harnessing science and
technology and creating new offerings that meet the
emerging needs of global customers. Early signs of this
shift have been identified by recent Austrade analysis of
the 3 years to 2016 which showed that for the first time in
Australia’s history value-added foods have accounted for
the majority (60%) of food export growth.
Australia’s F&A sector has the potential to strengthen its
position as a small but significant exporter of sustainable,
authentic, healthy, high quality and consistent products.
To do this, the entire F&A ecosystem must work together
to address cultural challenges and transition businesses
towards being more collaborative, globally connected and
growth oriented.
As the global sector changes faster than ever before,
businesses will need to re-evaluate their role in
this changing landscape – ensuring that strategy is
underpinned with strong underlying market, business and
technology assumptions. This Roadmap, through a process
of industry consultation and analysis, aims to support
this decision making process by identifying opportunities
for products and services that align with Australia’s
comparative strengths in the global landscape and by
providing discussions around the key enabling activities
required to unlock them.
The megatrends illustrated in Figure 1 represent five
significant trends in the global sector which are already
changing the F&A products demanded by consumers and
the business models of F&A companies. Consideration
of these trends is critical in order for stakeholders in the
ecosystem to make strategic decisions that will successfully
position the Australian sector for future success.