Beston to launch ‘world first’ food traceability app - Oziris - Intelligent - Secure

Australian food investment firm Beston Global Food Company (BGFC) has announced it will release a new app in early 2016 that will allow retail customers to instantly trace the origin and safety of its food products around the world on their smart phone or tablet.

The OZIRIS app, together with Beston’s existing BRANDLOK anti-counterfeiting technology, is believed to be a world first in combining multi-layered covert IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) technology with ‘track & trace’ software technology.

The new technology is expected to “revolutionize the way people can check the authenticity and safety of the food they are eating, simply by using the OZIRIS app to scan the QR code on each and every product’s BRANDLOK seal,” said BGFC executive chairman, Roger Sexton.

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