Oziris – Trace Your Food

Do you wish you knew more about your food? Where it comes from? What is in it? Is it Authentic?

Oziris has been created to find answers to those questions.

Developed by Beston Technologies. Oziris identifies authentic and traceable products. Using Oziris you can simply scan food products* via QR or Barcode and Oziris will Authenticate* and  Trace* it back to its source.

Oziris will show you food product’s full path, from farm to table! and much more

  • See your trace history
  • Find nutritional information
  • Rate and review your food
  • View producer details
  • Order products* online

*see terms and conditions

Oziris – Intelligent – Secure

As global demand for food continues to outstrip supply, Oziris and Brandlok anti counterfeit hardware will provide consumers with food safety , authenticity and peace of mind.

Safe & Secure

Oziris will provide a comprehensive and compelling solution to the fears of consumers regarding food source and integrity, and will allow them to verify the produce they are looking to purchase as safe to eat or drink.


Using QR code or Barcode technology Oziris will allow customers to simply scan products*. All Oziris registered products will be available through Oziris and Beston Technologies websites.


View and leave Ratings & Reviews, see nutritional information, order online  and receive push notifications on product updates or recall status.


Trace* your foods. Including the date it was produced, where and by whom. The  end to end solution will provide a detailed trace including the freight ,shipping as well as other anti-counterfeit measures.